Synergy Sustainable Solutions – S3 provides commissioning, construction management, and inspection services to support the many facets of the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire (MEP) throughout facility life cycle.

The complexity of buildings systems are increasing at an experiential rate. Implementation of computerized systems along with the latest technologies to meet the demand for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability within compressed construction schedules is a challenge. S3 has built a strong degree of adaptability and diversity through a wide range of project work in the public and private sectors with the unique ability to transition easily across multiple technologies, processes, and environments.

Please find below our sustainable services for the Building Systems and Infrastructure

Commissioning               Inspection           Consulting           Construction Management Support

The S3 team provides any aspect of these services as appropriate on a project by project basis.

Peer, Code and Constructability Reviews
OPR (Owner Project Requirements), BOD (Basis of Design) and Design Development Reviews
Subcontract and submittal review
Project Document evaluation
Special Inspection
Owner-Defined Acceptance Testing
Integrated Fire Life Safety and Emergency Power Testing
Building Diagnostics, troubleshooting and performance issue resolution
Project Cost and Change Order Evaluation